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Harald Halfway

Come on, let me give you a hug! I’m so glad that you decided to visit my page. Even if you had not clicked on me, I would have loved you just as much. I guess that´s just who I am.

Anyhow, did you know that cute cat videos represent (constitute) more than 50 % of all the videos on YouTube? Gosh, do we have a great time ahead of us or what! And just imagine all the love and passion out there that we will experience together. I can’t wait to share my best picks with you.

Well, here comes my story. I was born and raised in Sweden by two loving parents. Later on, when I was 19, I went on an Inter Rail-vacation that changed my life. Wow – the people I met, and the places I saw! You can say that I found myself on that trip – or rather that I explored new sides of myself.

I just loooove cute things, funny people doing funny things and of course Eurovision Song Contest. My friends say that I’m all over the Internet – but they are just being nice. I might have been over half of the Internet – the day has only 24 hours you know.

I put my money and bets on beautiful and funny things. I believe in Karma and that beauty just bounces back at you. The funny slots and casino-games are my cup of tea.

So, I would be really happy if you would like to follow me on Facebook. I promise to share all the best things on the web with you.


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