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Freddy Fortune
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Don Casoni
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Mr. Jack Pots
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Harald Halfway
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Gordon Golddigger
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Mr. Jack Pots

Now listen to me! You are lucky to have found your way in here, and now I will tell you what this is really about. We do not tolerate any wobbling around; straight orders and spotless executions are always expected. I more than anyone should know what discipline is. I was born in the same village as Winston Churchill, got half my name from a dictator and have marched from Lützen to North Korea and back again – without changing boots. That’s what I call balls.

So if anyone around here knows how to get things done, it’s me.

What I like? The same as everyone else of course. Military, dictatorship, booze, cigarettes and super clear instructions.

And you must know that it´s the Jackpot that we are after. It´s the Jackpot that we shall land in your pocket, so follow me on Facebook and get the best advices.

What are you waiting for?

At ease!


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