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Everyone likes to have some fun once in a while! Also, we are all competitive beings to some degree. And last, but not least: who doesn't like a good prize for a well deserved victory?

We have some great Tournaments coming up these days – both those based on Free Rolls and those that have a Buy in. There are prizes to be won in the shape of cash, gadgets or Extra Freespins, for those who take on the challenge of playing and winning.
Beat your friends, your family or your new Family here at CasinoAndFriends!

You will find the Tournaments under Daily Picks or under Campaigns. Read more about them, and always make sure that you register for the tournament that is right for you!
After joining the Tournament you will receive your Tournament-Spins. After that, all that needs to be done is for you to play, have a good time and keep a watchful eye over your Ranking.
You can always get the latest info about your current Ranking on today's Leaderboard.

Who will ascend to it's top today – will it be you, Harald, Freddy, or someone else from La Familia?

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